Give because an investment in Business Institute of Pennsylvania is an investment in education AND in the community. The effects are vast. Business Institute of Pennsylvania works.

The Office of Institutional Advancement is committed to ensuring that Business Institute of Pennsylvania has the resources necessary to grow and continue to service the community by offering a quality education to those who may have been underserved educationally. Your contributions are used wisely and effectively to benefit the Business Institute of Pennsylvania Community.

When you give to Business Institute of Pennsylvania, you make an obvious impact on our campus by providing the support needed for talented students to follow their dreams, for professors to have the resources necessary to teach, for the University to recruit the best and brightest students and researchers. What is probably less obvious, but vitally important, is the ripple effect of your gift - the impacts and outcomes that occur when our students become community leaders, our professors guide graduates to meaningful careers and productive lives, and our researchers produce results that change the world in a variety of ways.

The BIOP Foundation is able to accept donations by cash or credit card as well as donations of appreciated securities. To make a tax-deductible gift to the Business Institute of Pennsylvania, print out a donation form and mail to BIOP Foundation.

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